Darious Cummings Talks of What Could Have Been

The Florida defense held Tennessee to just 220 yards of total offense and stacked up six turnovers in its 31-17 victory over on Saturday. One big turnover came from defensive lineman Darious Cummings, who returned his first career interception for 30 yards.

Florida defensive lineman Darious Cummings tweeted about how his name being announced by Verne Lundquist on a CBS broadcast has been a dream. That dream came true on Saturday when Tennessee quarterback Nathan Peterman let the ball slip out of his hands as he was tackled by Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison. The ball floated up and right into the hands of Cummings, who made his way down the field as Lundquist yelled his name.

Cummings, who saw a little action at full back in his high school days, said “I was trying to get down there. I was ready to make a cut back to the middle of the field but some people said I tripped; some said ‘Ease’ (Dominique Easley) tripped me.”

Cummings talks about the play that made his dream come true as well as information about Florida’s defense.

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