Solomon Patton Making His Mark

Florida Gators Senior WR Solomon Patton finally has a chance to make name for himself. Before his senior season, Patton had only eight receptions and 15 carries in his career as a Gator. Now Patton is a key component to the Gators, leading the team with 212 receiving yards and two touchdowns under his belt so far this year.

In his entire tenure at Florida, wide receiver Solomon Patton has patiently waited for his turn to take the stage. Referring to himself as the fastest player on the team, Patton says he worked hard in the off-season to gain weight, in an attempt to prevent injuries.

Florida’s wide receiver’s coach Joker Phillips is in his first year on Florida’s coaching staff. Phillips worked for Kentucky’s coaching staff from 2003-2012 and Patton talks about the vibe Phillips is giving off for this preparation week. Patton also talks about being able to finally get a chance to start, what he worked on in the off-season, and says he was not surprised by quarterback Tyler Murphy’s performance against Tennessee.

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